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Standing Committee

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  • 의회운영위원회 Assembly Operations Committee
  • 기획재정위원회 Planning and Finance Committee
  • 경제노동위원회 Economy and Labor Committee
  • 안전행정위원회 Security and Public Administration Committee
  • 문화체육관광위원회 Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee
  • 농정해양위원회 Agricultural and Maritime Administration Committee
  • 보건복지위원회 Health and Welfare Committee
  • 건설교통위원회 Construction and Transportation Committee
  • 도시환경위원회 Urban Environment Committee
  • 여성가족평생교육위원회 Women, Family and Lifelong Education Committee
  • 교육기획위원회 Education Planning Committee
  • 교육행정위원회 Educational Administration Committee