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Planning and Finance Committee

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“Realization of parliamentary politics through cooperative governance”

  • The Planning and Finance Committee deals with affairs related to provincial plans, efficient operation of organizations and budgets, establishment of information infrastructure, realization of transparent administration, balanced development, inter-Korean military and governmental cooperation, support for the DMZ and Ddabok Community Support Center, the Gyeonggi Urban Innovation Corporation and the Gyeonggi Research Institute.

Jurisdiction: Planning and Coordination Office, Inspector-General, Planning and Budget Officer, Balanced Development Officer, Unification Infrastructure Development Officer, DMZ Policy Officer, Military and Governmental Cooperation Officer, Ddabok Community Support Center, Gyeonggi Urban Innovation Corporation, and Gyeonggi Research Institute



Ji Mee Yeon

Ji Mee Yeon

Vice Chair

Kim Chul Hyeon

Kim Chul Hyeon

Lee Dong Hyun

Lee Dong Hyun


  • Kim Geun Yong

    Kim Geun Yong

  • Park Sang Hyun

    Park Sang Hyun

  • Lee Byoung Sook

    Lee Byoung Sook

  • Lee Jae Young

    Lee Jae Young

  • lee jin hyoung

    lee jin hyoung

  • Lee Chae Myung

    Lee Chae Myung

  • Lee Chae Yeong

    Lee Chae Yeong

  • Jung Kyoung Ja

    Jung Kyoung Ja

  • Jeong Seung Hyun

    Jeong Seung Hyun

  • Choi Min

    Choi Min

  • Choi Byung Sun

    Choi Byung Sun

Photos of the Committee