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Song Han-Jun

Chair of the Gyeonggido Assembly
Jang Hyun Kuk

Hello, all 13.9 million residents of Gyeonggi-do Province!
I am Jang Hyun Kuk, the Chairman of the Gyeonggido Assembly.

Citizens’ livelihoods are becoming more and more difficult with the prolongation of the COVID-19 crisis.
We are doing our best to create hope and contribute to the happiness of our residents, even in the midst of difficult times.
We will strive to ensure that the second half of the legislative activities of the 10th Gyeonggido Assembly become the pride of our residents.


We promise respectful participation from the assembly.
The owners of the local government are our residents.
We will lend our ears to listen to our residents’ voices that say, “All civil complaints go through the assembly.”
We promise sympathetic communication from the assembly.
There is a saying that goes, “Pain can come from a lack of communication.”
We will actively communicate so that assembly members can better understand a variety of pending issues and come up with alternatives as representatives of our residents.
Being a resident-centered assembly is the reason why the Gyeonggido Assembly exists.
We will do our best to increase the happiness of residents as they become the owners, gain more decision-making power, and make decisions and take responsibility for themselves.
We are becoming a Gyeonggido Assembly for the residents by the residents, leading 17 regional assemblies across the country.
We will open the future of autonomy and decentralization together with the residents.


While becoming the chair, I promised to play the role of a “stepping stone.”
I will turn the difficult and inconvenient “hanging stone” into a “stepping stone” that will create new changes while clearing up difficulties and inconveniences.
We look forward to your continued interest and support.
Thank you.


Jang Hyun Kuk, Chair of the Gyeonggido Assembly