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Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee

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“Expansion of opportunities to enjoy culture and arts and strengthening of Gyeonggido’s position in sports and tourism”

  • The Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee is responsible for promoting the arts and matters related to culture and religion, vitalizing sports for all including the disabled, preserving and managing traditional cultural heritages, fostering the content industry, and supporting tourism marketing and local festivals.

Jurisdiction: Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, Gyeonggi Tourism Organization, Gyeonggi Culture Foundation, Gyeonggi Arts Center, Gyeonggi Suwon World Cup Stadium Foundation, Korea Ceramic Foundation, Gyeonggi Content Agency, Gyeonggi-do Sports Association, Gyeonggi-do Sports Association for the Disabled, Gyeonggido Council of Sport for All



Choi Man Shick

Choi Man Shick

Vice Chair

Chai Sin Duk

Chai Sin Duk

Ryu Kwang Kook

Ryu Kwang Kook


  • Park Yoon Young

    Park Yoon Young

  • Kang Tai Heung

    Kang Tai Heung

  • Kim Kyung Hee

    Kim Kyung Hee

  • Kim Dong Chul

    Kim Dong Chul

  • Mun Hyoung Kun

    Mun Hyoung Kun

  • Seong Su Suk

    Seong Su Suk

  • Son Hee Jeong

    Son Hee Jeong

  • Yoo Sang Ho

    Yoo Sang Ho

  • Lim Sung Hwan

    Lim Sung Hwan

  • Ji Seok Hwan

    Ji Seok Hwan

  • Hwang Su Young

    Hwang Su Young

Photos of the Committee