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Assembly Operations Committee

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“Support for parliatmentary activities through close negotiation and discussion”

  • The Assembly Operations Committee is responsible for the operation of the Assembly including schedule of bill proceedings and composition of special committees. It cooperates with the Chairman, Vice-Chairmen and standing committees to support parliamentary politics.

Jurisdiction: Assembly Secretariat, Spokesperson, Director General for Communication, Seoul branch of Gyeonggi-do Province, Director General for Coalition and Cooperation, and Foreign Cooperation Officer



Jeong Seung Hyun

Jeong Seung Hyun

Vice Chair

So Young Hwan

So Young Hwan

Kim Mi Sook

Kim Mi Sook


  • Bark Keun Choul

    Bark Keun Choul

  • Kuk Jung Bum

    Kuk Jung Bum

  • Kim Kang Sik

    Kim Kang Sik

  • Kim Sung Soo

    Kim Sung Soo

  • Kim Yong Chan

    Kim Yong Chan

  • Park Sung Hoon

    Park Sung Hoon

  • Park Tae Hee

    Park Tae Hee

  • Seo Hyon Ok

    Seo Hyon Ok

  • Yang Cheol Min

    Yang Cheol Min

  • Lee Myung Dong

    Lee Myung Dong

  • Cho Seong Hwan

    Cho Seong Hwan

  • Kim Kyu Chang

    Kim Kyu Chang

Photos of the Committee