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Agricultural and Maritime Administration Committee

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“Support for development policies for agriculture and fisheries, and promotion of the globalization of Gyeonggi provincial agriculture”

  • The Advisory Office for Agricultural and Maritime Administration oversees the fostering of agriculture and fisheries to respond to new changes including market openings due to FTAs and more, as well as forest policy such as the preservation and establishment of woodland resources, and the maritime and port sector.

Jurisdiction: Agricultural and Maritime Administration Bureau, Livestock and Forest Bureau (Livestock Policy Division, Animal Health and Hygiene Division, Forest Division), Gyeonggido Agricultural Research & Extension Services, Kyonggido Livestock and Veterinary Service, Gyeonggi Northern Livestock and Veterinary Service, Gyeonggi Fishery Resources Research Institute, Gyeonggi Forest Environment Institute, Gyeonggi Pyeongtaek Port Corporation, Gyeonggi Green & Agriculture Foundation, Gyeonggi Seed Management Office



Kim In Young

Kim In Young

Vice Chair

Baek Seung Gi

Baek Seung Gi

Kim Kyeong Ho

Kim Kyeong Ho


  • Kim Bong Gyun

    Kim Bong Gyun

  • Kim Chul Hwan

    Kim Chul Hwan

  • Min Kyoung Sun

    Min Kyoung Sun

  • Yang Kyung Suk

    Yang Kyung Suk

  • Lee Myung Dong

    Lee Myung Dong

  • Jeong Seung Hyun

    Jeong Seung Hyun

  • Jin Yong Bok

    Jin Yong Bok

  • Bark Keun Choul

    Bark Keun Choul

Photos of the Committee