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Women, Family and Lifelong Education Committee

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“Creation of family-friendly environment and provision of customized, lifelong education services”

  • The Women, Family and Lifelong Education Committee oversees creating a family-friendly social environment, fostering infant care and proper protection for women, children and youth, improving multi-cultural family welfare and promoting life-long education.

Jurisdiction: Women and Family Bureau, Female Welfare Office (Gender Equality and Family Officer, Childcare and Youth Officer), Educational Cooperation Bureau, Gyeonggi Woman Vision Center, Gyeonggi North Woman Vision Center, Gyeonggi Women Resources Development Center, Gyeonggi Province Family & Women’s Research Institute, Gyeonggi Province Youth Center, Gyeonggi English Village, Gyeonggi Institute for Lifelong Education



Park Chang Soon

Park Chang Soon

Vice Chair

Kim Sung Soo

Kim Sung Soo

Kim Yong Sung

Kim Yong Sung


  • Kim  Mi Ri

    Kim Mi Ri

  • Song Chi Yong

    Song Chi Yong

  • Shin Jung Hyun

    Shin Jung Hyun

  • Yoo Yeong Ho

    Yoo Yeong Ho

  • Lee Jin Yun

    Lee Jin Yun

  • Jang Tae Hwan

    Jang Tae Hwan

  • Cho Seong Hwan

    Cho Seong Hwan

  • Baek hyun jong

    Baek hyun jong

Photos of the Committee