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Economy and Labor Committee

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"Creation of jobs, revitalization of the local economy, improvement of local livelihoods, and establishment of prosperous business conditions"

  • The Economy and Labor Committee is responsible for fostering small businesses, promoting scientific technology, creating jobs, improving workers’ welfare, attracting investment from foreign-invested companies and other entities, and promoting international exchanges and cooperation.

Jurisdiction: Economic Policy Office, Gyeonggido Technical Institute, Gyeonggi Credit Guarantee Foundation, Gyeonggi Small and Medium Business Support Center (GSBC), KINTEX, Gyeonggi Techno Park, Gyeonggi Daejin Techno Park (GDTP), Korea Advanced Nano Fab Center, Gyeonggi Institute of Science & Technology Promotion, Gyeonggi Advanced Institutes of Convergence Technology, Gyeonggi Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone Authority, Social Economy Division of Ddaabok Community Support Center



Lee Eun Ju

Lee Eun Ju

Vice Chair

Kim Jang Il

Kim Jang Il

Kim In Soon

Kim In Soon


  • Kim Mi Sook

    Kim Mi Sook

  • Kim Young Hae

    Kim Young Hae

  • Kim Hyun Sam

    Kim Hyun Sam

  • Nam Oun Sun

    Nam Oun Sun

  • Park Kwan Yeol

    Park Kwan Yeol

  • Shim Min Ja

    Shim Min Ja

  • An Hye Young

    An Hye Young

  • Lee Dong Hyon

    Lee Dong Hyon

  • Lee Won Oung

    Lee Won Oung

  • Choi Se Myoung

    Choi Se Myoung

  • Heo Won

    Heo Won

Photos of the Committee