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Security and Public Administration Committee

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“Observation of provincial administrative affairs with first priority put on public safety”

  • The Security and Public Administration Committee oversees provincial administrative affairs including the administration of the local government, personnel, accounting, tax administration and civil complaints as well as fire protection, security and disasters in order to create a safe Gyeonggido.

Jurisdiction: Autonomous Administration Bureau, Administration Management Officer, Emergency Planning Officer, Gyeonggi Human Resource Development Center, Disaster and Safety Management Headquarters, Gyeonggi Northern Fire Headquarters, Gyeonggi-Do Fire Service Academy, Fire Station



Kim Pan Soo

Kim Pan Soo

Vice Chair

Choi Gab Chul

Choi Gab Chul

Gook Joung Hyun

Gook Joung Hyun


  • So Young Hwan

    So Young Hwan

  • Kim Yong Chan

    Kim Yong Chan

  • Seo Hyon Ok

    Seo Hyon Ok

  • Kwon Rak Yong

    Kwon Rak Yong

  • Kim Won Ki

    Kim Won Ki

  • Yang Un Seok

    Yang Un Seok

  • Oh Gwang Duck

    Oh Gwang Duck

  • Yun Yong Su

    Yun Yong Su

  • Chun Young Mi

    Chun Young Mi

  • Han Mi Rim

    Han Mi Rim

Photos of the Committee