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Education Planning Committee

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“Formulation of appropriate policy goals for Gyeonggido’s education from a long-term perspective”

  • The Education Planning Committee oversees education administrative affairs under the jurisdiction of the Governor of Education as well as matters relating to education and arts and sciences under the jurisdiction of the Gyeonggido Office of Education.

Jurisdiction: Gyeonggido Office of Education, Gyeonggi Institute of Education



Jung Yoon Kyung

Jung Yoon Kyung

Vice Chair

Hwang Jin Hee

Hwang Jin Hee

Lim Che Chul

Lim Che Chul


  • Song Han Jun

    Song Han Jun

  • Kim Jong Chan

    Kim Jong Chan

  • Kim Kyung Keun

    Kim Kyung Keun

  • Kim Woo Seok

    Kim Woo Seok

  • Kim Eun Joo

    Kim Eun Joo

  • Park Duk Dong

    Park Duk Dong

  • Lee Kee Hyoung

    Lee Kee Hyoung

  • Lee Jin

    Lee Jin

  • Choi Kyung Ja

    Choi Kyung Ja

  • Lee Ae Hyung

    Lee Ae Hyung

Photos of the Committee