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Health and Welfare Committee

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“Creation of demand for welfare and establishment of a healthy living environment”

  • The Health and Welfare Committee is responsible for establishing customized and integrated welfare and a warm-hearted welfare safety net, supporting policies for the disabled and the elderly, establishing health promotion services and safe healthcare systems and creating a safe food environment.

Jurisdiction: Health and Welfare Bureau, Female Welfare Office (Social Welfare Officer, Health and Hygiene Officer), Gyeonggi Institute of Health & Environment (partly), Gyeonggi Provincial Medical Center, Gyeonggi Welfare Foundation



Bang Jae Yul

Bang Jae Yul

Vice Chair

Choi Jong Hyun

Choi Jong Hyun

Lee Hye Won

Lee Hye Won


  • Jo Jae Hoon

    Jo Jae Hoon

  • Moon Kyeong Hee

    Moon Kyeong Hee

  • Kim Yeong Jun

    Kim Yeong Jun

  • Park Jae Man

    Park Jae Man

  • Wang Sung Ok

    Wang Sung Ok

  • Yu Gwang Hyok

    Yu Gwang Hyok

  • Jang Dae Seok

    Jang Dae Seok

  • Lee Young Joo

    Lee Young Joo

Photos of the Committee