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Urban Environment Committee

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“Creation of pleasant residential environments and improvement of the quality of life of provincial residents”

  • The Urban Environment Committee is responsible for urban planning and maintenance to improve urban and residential environments, housing measures for general public land development, creation and management of provincial and ecological parks, preservation of the natural environment and water quality improvement of Paldangho Lake.

Jurisdiction: Environment Bureau, Urban Housing Office, Park and Landscape Division, Gyeonggi Institute of Health & Environment (partly), Water Resources Cooperation Gyeonggi-do Headquarters, Gyeonggi Industrial Complex Environment Management Office, Gyeonggi Urban Innovation Corporation (partly)



Chang Dong Il

Chang Dong Il

Vice Chair

Ko Chan Seok

Ko Chan Seok

Im Chang Yeal

Im Chang Yeal


  • Kim Jin Il

    Kim Jin Il

  • Kim Tae Hyoung

    Kim Tae Hyoung

  • Song Young Man

    Song Young Man

  • An Ki Kwon

    An Ki Kwon

  • Yang Cheol Min

    Yang Cheol Min

  • Lee Sun Goo

    Lee Sun Goo

  • Lee Chang Gyun

    Lee Chang Gyun

  • Jeong Dea Woon

    Jeong Dea Woon

  • Cho Kwng Ju

    Cho Kwng Ju

  • Choi Seung Won

    Choi Seung Won

  • Kim Ji Na

    Kim Ji Na

Photos of the Committee