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Construction and Transportation Committee

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“Establishment of advanced transportation and construction infrastructure and execution of administrative affairs according to the principles of on-the-spot, openness, and communication”

  • The Construction and Transportation Committee oversees construction of convenient metropolitan and urban railways, formulation of safe public transportation policies, construction, extension and paving of roads, and river maintenance.

Jurisdiction: Railway Bureau, Transportation Bureau, Construction Bureau, Gyeonggi Construction Headquarters, Gyeonggi Transportation Training Institute



Kim Myung Won

Kim Myung Won

Vice Chair

Oh Jin Taek

Oh Jin Taek

Kwon Jae Hyung

Kwon Jae Hyung


  • Cho Kwang Hi

    Cho Kwang Hi

  • Kim Kyung Il

    Kim Kyung Il

  • Kim Jong Bae

    Kim Jong Bae

  • Kim Jik Ran

    Kim Jik Ran

  • Park Tae Hee

    Park Tae Hee

  • Eom Gyo Sub

    Eom Gyo Sub

  • Kim Kyu Chang

    Kim Kyu Chang

  • Oh Myeong Keun

    Oh Myeong Keun

  • Won Yong Hee

    Won Yong Hee

  • Lee Pil Geun

    Lee Pil Geun

  • Choo Min Gyou

    Choo Min Gyou

Photos of the Committee