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Special Committee on Ethics

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The Special Committee on Ethics deliberates ethics, qualifications, and penalties pertaining to Assembly members.



Jeong Dea Woon

Jeong Dea Woon

Vice Chair

Kim Kyung Keun

Kim Kyung Keun

Son Hee Jeong

Son Hee Jeong


  • Kim Yeong Jun

    Kim Yeong Jun

  • Kim Jong Bae

    Kim Jong Bae

  • Kim Jin Il

    Kim Jin Il

  • Mun Hyoung Kun

    Mun Hyoung Kun

  • Seong Jun Mo

    Seong Jun Mo

  • An Ki Kwon

    An Ki Kwon

  • Oh Myeong Keun

    Oh Myeong Keun

  • Oh Ji Hye

    Oh Ji Hye

  • Lee Ae Hyung

    Lee Ae Hyung

  • Cho Kwang Hi

    Cho Kwang Hi

  • Choi Se Myoung

    Choi Se Myoung

Photos of the Committee