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Special Committee on Budget and Accounts

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The Special Committee on Budget and Accounts deliberates budget proposals, the settlement of accounts, and operation plans for the settlement of funds.



Park Jae Man

Park Jae Man

Vice Chair

Kim Tae Hyoung

Kim Tae Hyoung

Eom Gyo Sub

Eom Gyo Sub


  • Cho Seong Hwan

    Cho Seong Hwan

  • Baek Seung Gi

    Baek Seung Gi

  • Choi Jong Hyun

    Choi Jong Hyun

  • Kim Yong Sung

    Kim Yong Sung

  • Ko Eun Jeong

    Ko Eun Jeong

  • Kwon Rak Yong

    Kwon Rak Yong

  • Kim Kyung Hee

    Kim Kyung Hee

  • Kim Bong Gyun

    Kim Bong Gyun

  • Kim Woo Seok

    Kim Woo Seok

  • Kim Chul Hwan

    Kim Chul Hwan

  • Park Kwan Yeol

    Park Kwan Yeol

  • Seong Su Suk

    Seong Su Suk

  • Shin Jung Hyun

    Shin Jung Hyun

  • Yang Kyung Suk

    Yang Kyung Suk

  • Oh Gwang Duck

    Oh Gwang Duck

  • Won Mi Jung

    Won Mi Jung

  • Yu Gwang Hyok

    Yu Gwang Hyok

  • Yoo Yeong Ho

    Yoo Yeong Ho

  • Yun Yong Su

    Yun Yong Su

  • Lee Young Joo

    Lee Young Joo

  • Lee Jin Yun

    Lee Jin Yun

  • Jang Dae Seok

    Jang Dae Seok

  • Jung Hee Si

    Jung Hee Si

  • Choo Min Gyou

    Choo Min Gyou

  • Heo Won

    Heo Won

  • Hwang Dae Ho

    Hwang Dae Ho

Photos of the Committee