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Special Committee on Budget and Accounts

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The Special Committee on Budget and Accounts deliberates budget proposals, the settlement of accounts, and operation plans for the settlement of funds.



Kim Dal Su

Kim Dal Su

Vice Chair

Park Tae Hee

Park Tae Hee

Lee Jong In

Lee Jong In


  • Jeong Dea Woon

    Jeong Dea Woon

  • Park Ok Bun

    Park Ok Bun

  • Kim Kyu Chang

    Kim Kyu Chang

  • Ko Chan Seok

    Ko Chan Seok

  • Kuk Jung Bum

    Kuk Jung Bum

  • Gook Joung Hyun

    Gook Joung Hyun

  • Kwon Jung Sun

    Kwon Jung Sun

  • Kim Kyung Keun

    Kim Kyung Keun

  • Kim Mi Sook

    Kim Mi Sook

  • Kim Jang Il

    Kim Jang Il

  • Kim Jong Bae

    Kim Jong Bae

  • Park Kwan Yeol

    Park Kwan Yeol

  • Park Se Won

    Park Se Won

  • Shim Min Ja

    Shim Min Ja

  • Oh Jin Taek

    Oh Jin Taek

  • Wang Sung Ok

    Wang Sung Ok

  • Yoo Sang Ho

    Yoo Sang Ho

  • Lee Myung Dong

    Lee Myung Dong

  • Lim Sung Hwan

    Lim Sung Hwan

  • Im Chang Yeal

    Im Chang Yeal

  • Lim Che Chul

    Lim Che Chul

  • Jeon Seung Hee

    Jeon Seung Hee

  • Choi Kyung Ja

    Choi Kyung Ja

  • Choi Seung Won

    Choi Seung Won

  • Hwang Jin Hee

    Hwang Jin Hee

  • Song Chi Yong

    Song Chi Yong

Photos of the Committee