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Meeting Organization

The Assembly meetings are divided into the annual regular meetings and the temporary meetings if the need arises. The number of dates for both regular and temporary meetings per year is limited within 140 days. As for the regular meetings held for within 65 days a year, the first meeting takes place on Tuesday of the third week of June, while the second meeting takes place on Tuesday of the first week of November. As for the temporary meetings held for within 20 days a year, according to the request of the provincial governor or more than 1/3 of the members on the register, such the meetings are will be convened within 15 days.

Plenary session

Composed of the entire membership (142 members) on the register, the plenary session is held to ultimately decide the bills of the Gyeonggido Assembly ultimately.
The plenary session starts the deliberation of the bill(s) when 1/3 of the registered members are present. The bills are determined by the attendance of more than a half of the registered members and by approval of more than a half of the attending members, except for extraordinary exceptions.
If a member wants to make a statement, he/she needs to obtain permission from the chairman in advance, and can ask a questions and make a supplementary comments, remarks of proceedings, and personal addresses.


The Committees screen and decide the bills that are under their jurisdiction, and also screen and carry out petitions. The committee meeting will be opened upon the decision from the plenary session, when the head of the committee accepts its necessity, or on the requisition of 1/3 of the registered members, of the chairman of the Assembly or the head of the local government.