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Yoon Wha-sub, Gyeonggido Assembly Chairman

Human-Oriented Public Welfare-Oriented
Gyeonggido Assembly

Gyeonggido Assembly is the largest metropolitan assembly in the Republic of Korea established in 1956.
142 members of the 10th Gyeonggido Assembly were elected through a local election in June, 2018 and they will be active in legislative politics for 4 years.

Gyeonggido Assembly, as a representative body of the residents in Gyeonggi Province, seeks sustainable development of Gyeonggi Province as well as improvement of life quality of the residents.
It enacts an ordinance that can be called the law of Gyeonggi Province, deliberates and confirms an annual budget of Gyeonggi Province, and approves its accounts.
It also asks for correcting the wrong part of executive affairs through administrative audit and inspection and suggests developmental alternatives.

Gyeonggido Assembly leads the autonomy and decentralization of Korea.
Through exchange and cooperation with local assemblies in the world, it contributes to promoting mutual development and friendship in various fields such as economics, society and culture.
It has been active in exchanges with 16 local assemblies in 10 countries, and is planning to expand the public diplomacy at an assembly level. Please take a lot of interest in the Gyeonggido Assembly.

Chairman of the Gyeonggido Assembly Song Han-Jun